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May 13, 2019 17:42:48

Design your endless chain of means and ends

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So that your action will be constantly motivated for some of your other ends. 

This might be out of blue statement. I wrote about "The Means-end chain model" yesterday, which is about marketing. However, today is about your chain of the means and the ends if you have. If we can design one means, which can be other the ends, you can create such a ladder and make a loop. Once it is done, you do not really hustle mentally but naturally your effort will be cycled. 

For example, 

  • I would like to be a better basketball player. To do so, I go to gym and train my muscle. 
  • I would like to train my muscle more effectively under the given time so I eat healthier food with protains, vegerables and vitamins and try to sleep well. 
  • I would like to eat nutricious food, which tends to be a bit expensive but not to  worry too much when buying them, I would like to earn sufficient money. 
  • I would like to earn sufficient money. To do so, I would like to stably be a good performer in a company.
  • I would like to stably be a good performer in a company. To do so, I need to maintain my mental and physical health by playing basketball. 

With this kind of the means and the ends, does it naturally end up with a good spiral? What do you think of?

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