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Jun 05, 2019 23:32:02

DevJournal: Started learning React

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As part of my goal this year to upgrade my tooling in web development last month I've learned and practice using Docker and this month React JS will be on my list to learn.

Today, I've finally started learning React JS after a long time resisting on learning this tech. I've already played around and built a production level project with VueJS before in my freelance projects.

This time I decide to move to React there is far more demand in this market.

I resisted on going to Udemy video tutorials since I've changed my style on learning. I want a hands-on thing where I could play around with the tools and just use the blog post as a guide. Let my self get stuck and try to figure out the solutions using StackOverflow. I like more this approach rather than just following what the teacher sayings on the video.

It feels like you are really progressing when you mindlessly copy their code. It was too safe for me and doesn't really help me much on progressing.

On a technical level, it seems it was really the same with the VueJS that uses Reactivity and States for managing the flow of the data from parent and child component. I just use the Create React App command line to generate all of the necessary code.

The Create React App and Vue CLI is such a godsend if you don't want to build things from the scratch and configuring the web pack and bundle stuff. Those are real time savers. Maybe at some point in the future, I'll try to learn the web pack thing.

I started my journey by trying to make it work the Tic Tac Toe blog tutorial in their official site.

Luckily I made some progress and I try to solve as well the additional challenge on their site where there is some task that you will implement on your own.

Soon, I think I might move some of my pet projects on React JS to familiar more myself with the tools.

P.S. I keep repeating my learning style so that I will not forget about it.

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    @chrisdeuda - while at it, with react, yoi can deploy simple projects quickly with netlify

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 05, 2019 10:58:43
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      @brianball Thanks for pointing the netlify thing. I keep hearing that for deployment javascript apps. I'll definitely check it out.

      Chris 🤔🇵🇭 avatar Chris 🤔🇵🇭 | Jun 06, 2019 09:10:25
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