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Sep 13, 2019 17:05:04

Dieting Is Tough

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Dieting has got to be one of the toughest habits to keep.  If it isn't for everyone, it certainly is for me.

For the past three months, I've been trying to gain 20Lbs of lean weight and I never thought it would be this tough.

Not only do I have to know the specific grams of protein/fats/carbohydrates I must consume to stay on track; it also means that I need to budget appropriately and also plan my day around my meals. And be super strict about it.

It's usually all fine an dandy, until life eventually happens and I am forced to make hard choices that test my commitment to the diet and my goal:

*  Saying NO or having to make extra-arrangements for going out to the bar with friends because they don't serve real food there (or at least the kind of food that would support the lean weight goal).

*  Having to spend money (that would normally go to other expenses) buying food from restaurants because I forgot to prepare my meals for the day and I'm too stressed to prepare anything on the fly.

Having been going through this journey, I can totally sympathize with other people on diets.  It's no easy task, but if you want to eventually achieve your goal, you gotta stick to it.

What motivates me the most is that I'm already 52% from being complete on my goal (I've already gained 10.1Lbs from the initial weight I started with).  Getting on the scale and seeing that you are making progress and charting your progress can be one of the most motivating things to either let you know you are doing the right things or you need to stop slacking it and pick up the pace.

Have a good weekend, y'all!

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    @carlosbeas You are right this one is a tough nut to crack. But it's not impossible. It requires discipline.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Sep 13, 2019 16:15:30
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      @brandonwilson For sure! Discipline and consistency are keys to success in this realm. 🗝🔓

      carlos beas avatar carlos beas | Sep 14, 2019 10:17:26
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