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May 17, 2019 23:45:36

Digital Mentoring

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Craig Petterson

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After being given a half day by work to take part in the event, I took part in my first digital mentoring session today.

The whole course is for UI/UX which isn't really my forte (although, as you know, it's an improving part!), but I was only covering for someone else who was on holiday in New York.

It's a great cause, getting kids involved in tech. Innovateher have done some great work preparing the sessions, but I don't know how much work was done by the lead mentor. There was basically a list to work through; a "firestarter", a recap of the previous session and then the main block for the current session.

When I met with Innovateher, they seemed keen to get me involved straight away, even suggesting I run a programme myself. It felt like this was too much and my initially feeling was the programme was completely under prepared and the work was untested. I made these concerns known before it was suggested that I cover this session and maybe run a September course instead.

In reality, the lesson plans seem extremely well thought out and I'd welcome the opportunity to run a Web Development course in September.

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