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Jan 24, 2019 22:25:42

Don't be cheap

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Don't go cheap on stuff you use every day. #200wordsTIL

This one isn't technical but it's gonna make you feel good about that $3000 laptop you bought even though you can get one for $200 these days. 😉


I box. A lot. Like 3 to 4 times per week a lot. _every_ week for 5 years straight at at least. It's a lot of time at the gym. 🥊

For boxing you need a couple things:

1. Gloves

2. Wraps

3. Boxing shoes

Everything else is optional. You can even go topless. 


Wraps are cheap. $15 a pop. Mine last forever until I lose them.

Gloves go for anything from $50 to $300. You want leather and solid hand protection so you're looking at about $150. Anything more is unnecessary pro shit.

Now shoes ... 


You can get boxing shoes on discount for $30 or up to $200 for a pair of Nike or Adidas.

But even the best shoe wears out. After 2 years of near daily abuse my toes were nearly poking through the sole of my previous pair. Adidas makes good shoes.


2 weeks ago I bought these shoes.

Holidays, traveling, no PTO contractor style, all took a toll on my wallet. So I figured you know what I'll go cheap this time.

2 weeks and now look at them. Worst $30 I ever spent.


$200 boxing shoes --> $0.64/workout

$30 boxing shoes --> $3.75/workout

Cheap shoes are almost six times more expensive. Fuck 😳

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