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Jan 25, 2019 07:56:16

Don't be sheep

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Martin tissier

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Life if full of opportunity.

There are people who always try to find opportunity, and there are people who follow the straight line, people I call the sheeps.

We are full of beliefs that are intrue, our education and experiences put in our mind seeds that block us.. 

Remind me the elephant syndrom. 

In circus people can stop elephant just by putting a little branch in front of them. 

Because when they were baby that branch was enough to really stop them.. 

After they didn't challenge anything, it's in their mind, branch = I can't go. 

It s the same for the human being. Plenty of things that happened in the past make us sheep, make us avoiding challenging the statu quo.. 

But maybe you can.. 

You can be free to travel the world, but you think there are things that stop you (if it's your family, take it with you, I listen to podcast if family who did that and it s so exciting), you can be free to change your job, create your company, fight to find love... 

If you keep that free / "I am not a sheep" mind, whatever happens you will find a way to go through it. 

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