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Feb 27, 2019 22:15:59

Don't judge like this

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I was having this conversation with my cousin during the lunar new year gathering. He got two daughters; the elder one is good in academic, so he sends her to the local Chinese School which is pretty competitive. He says the younger one was not doing well in her study; he plans to send her to an international school and think that will be a better choice for the younger one. There always this misconception in my area that those study in international school is mostly academic not so good.

I strongly disagreed what He says and I m one of a good example. I study from the Malay secondary school with the ok result only. I continue my diploma and advanced diploma in Singapore, only manage to finish with an extra six months. But I was getting my Distinction Degree from my University in Australia.

You really can't judge a person from their younger days, it might be not a suitable subject, or the study environment is not there, there are too many factors already. For example, when I study in Singapore, I didn't stay in Singapore, so every time I travel like a few hours just to attend class in Singapore and travel another few hours to come home. Of course, it's shame to use this as an excuse, but seriously thinking, I really feel that this might be the factor affect my results.

This week while I m preparing my big kid for primary school registration soon and suddenly recall about this whole incident. I m reminding myself be nice to the big kid and don't judge him with his results and repeat the same mistake like my cousin.

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