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Feb 24, 2019 21:08:16

Don't judge the book

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200 Words a Day is not working so I’m writing in a Google Doc. This will be another personal post because it’s late at night and I don’t know what to write about. I’d like to tell you that my tooth hurts a bit, so if it doesn’t get better I will have to go to dentist tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Today I learned a very valuable lesson which is usually expressed in a universally known saying: don’t judge a book by a cover. Don’t suppose that a person has ill intentions if they are doing something wrong — maybe they just don’t realize it.

Several months ago a new Figma community was created on the Russian social network VK. They copied everything from the community I’m managing and started copying things I posted a long time ago. I immediately was able to identify the creators of this community and understood their business model. Well, I thought I understood it.

Today the administrator of that community contacted me and he… needed help! I thought they are doing what they were doing just to get some money, however now it turns out they were doing it because they didn’t know what to do. They were looking for a different administrator who could find something to post for them.

I told them that I don’t like them stealing content from us, but also I suggested some ways they could progress further. I also recommended them to contact a couple of people who might be interested in participating. Moreover I got a ton of ideas on how to turn that community to something of value. There is definitely a place for two Figma communities if they would be focused on different things.

Maybe the next step would be to work together with them and create another community dedicated to a different aspect of Figma. The possibilities are exciting!

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