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Sep 23, 2019 21:51:39

Donuts and Cider under a Pavilion

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The air was now so cold you could wear thick flannel without sweating. There was a large pavilion where she waited with three donuts. The roof of this pavilion was so expansive that he felt like he was indoors for a moment while walking between wooden benches holding two cups of hot cider. When he sat down he spilled a little bit of cider on his hand.


"Hi." he said back. 

The two sipped cider and chewed donuts as the world around them, the world of kids and calmly talking dads and mothers' laughs carried him into thoughts of a perfect world. What a perfect Saturday afternoon this was he thought. It couldn't get any better. Then a chilly breeze rushed through the pavilion and she smiled and he went to take a sip of cider thinking it just did.

"Mike won't miss you?"

"No. He'll be okay. It's okay." he said and took another sip while watching her. Then he looked away to the world outside the pavilion. "I said I'd come tonight later anyways."

"Okay. I'm sorry that I'm stealing you from your friends." He stared into her as she spoke. He smiled and then remarked on how cold it was and how glad he was that it was finally autumn. 

"Yes. It's my favorite season."

"Mine too. I don't think I could ever marry someone who doesn't feel the same."

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