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Feb 05, 2019 10:37:43

[Draft] A teenpreneur's guide to making your first dollar online

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Miguel Piedrafita

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I found this old article while cleaning my drafts today and, while my views have changed since I wrote it, I thought I'd rather publish it here than delete it.

You like computers. Maybe you know how to code or maybe you don't, but you like them. That's what counts. You'll probably have seen lots of people making money out of cool things they make (e.g. almost anyone on wip.chat) and thought huh, I wonder if I could do that.

Making money on the internet is both harder and easier than you think. You can probably get someone in your family to pay you to make them a website, but I'd argue that you don't really make money online until you get a stranger to pay you.

What you shouldn't do

First, let's talk about what you shouldn't do (which is also what I did). Don't try to imitate others. Really, don't. What worked for them will probably not work for you. You don't really know if what's giving them money now took days or years to build. Also, don't go building the new Facebook or your super-revolutionary idea just yet. Which takes us to what you should do.

What you should do

Start small. Make something this weekend. It could be a website design, a cool illustration, an utility that saves you 5 seconds of your time or something completely unrelated to the internet you're good on. Then, post it in relevant sites. Sharing it on Twitter (you can @m1guelpf if you want), Reddit and maybe a niche website of your "audience" (people who'd like something like what you made). It may seem like no one will care, but you may be surprised! And, even if you don't, you made something, you probably learned something and it only took you a day or two!

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