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Mar 11, 2019 22:27:42

Drink milk

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I am sorry but today I have nothing. So the topic of today's post is gonna be a little funny. Don't know how is your relationship with milk but for me, since I was a kid, is the milk one of the most drinking drink.

I am staying with milk even during the bad times when everyone else listening to the super new medical research which sees the milk as unhealthy. Poor milk can never calm down cuz as soon as someone says it's healthy other proves them wrong and these periods of time changing regularly.

Fortunately, for the milk, there are some fans who never let the milk down and I am one of them. As the famous song by Jimi Jameson says "I am always here" (don't listen to that song :).

A special place in my heart has flavored milk. In the kindergarden, we were getting prepaid cards which we exchanged for a little banana, vanilla or strawberry milk for a snack.

You can imagine now how happy I was when I discovered these kinds of milk in the grocery store close by my work. Super super happy!! Since then I am buying the milk there almost every day.

I am wondering how they calling me now. Milk bandit? Milky? Supermilkman? or just a simple milk guy? Who knows and I hope I will never know!:D



Stay with me. Efran.

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