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Mar 04, 2019 23:44:41

Driving Zen

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I've stayed in Germany twice. One of the things that struck me both times was how great its public transit was. 

As the weeks passed, each time, one thing I missed about the states was its unique driving culture.

German drivers -- Polish, Finnish, and Swiss as well -- are not like American drivers from my experience. They pay attention to the road at all times and use swift, sensible movements. Since public transit is actually useful and not a piece of shit, most people in these countries do not actually need a car. So the ones who do get a car, I'm guessing, are more elite in their driving abilities and practice caution.

In the states, nearly everyone drives. Unless you live in a city with useful public transit, having a car and driving is a near necessity to functioning as an average, productive member of the economy. In NY you can get away without having a car I hear, but in LA and Chicago -- the #2 and #3 most populous American cities -- you still need a car! So everyone barring a prohibitive disability drives.

The roads in the states are wide. Really wide! And they need to be with the style of driving we employ. Americans are more apt to be staring at their phone, nursing a hot coffee, or just plain old daydreaming at the wheel.

If Apple is known for absolving many casual users from the Windows user experience of the past, then you could call the American motor vehicle system the Apple of driving. It allows you really to be able to coast rather than pay attention. You can literally coast from the east coast to the west coast.

But because of this ease, there is some zen that comes with driving in the states. It also comes not because of its great 'driver experience DX', but the fact that you must drive everywhere. And just like when you get such moments of clarity from going on a walk, driving also does during many of the countless occasions when you have to go somewhere.

Within the tin can you are alone with your thoughts. There is nobody with you there, and so hopefully, if you are self aware enough, you may think the way you think without others imposing on you. 

But then again, a lot of people just crank the music or listen to other people talking when they drive so maybe I am speaking for a insignificant minority. But I don't think so.

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