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Jan 23, 2019 16:18:53


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Gene Lim

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It has been 3 weeks of working out by running for an hour daily in the morning before starting my work. I am now getting used to it and it is indirectly becoming a habit for my morning daily routine.

Today I checked my weight comparing with the day that I started running, it does not seem to be any difference at all. Wondering why is that so. It is probably because I could not cut down on my food consumption amount. Every morning before starting my day, I will eat breakfast prepared by my wife. Whenever there is food prepared on the table, it is a must to eat despite how heavy it may be. It could just just cereal plus milk or even rice with bacon, sausages and egg. 

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, so I will not complain about having a big breakfast in the morning but I shall start to reducing food intake during dinner instead.

Many did say that if one could not stop eating, one will need to add extra effort on exercising. Unless one can reduce on food consumption, then maintaining the current process of exercising will show some difference.

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