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Mar 07, 2019 20:07:36

Effort and Outcome

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One of the comedians' mother said below:

Getting the outcome with an effort, one gets the confidence.
Getting the outcome without an effort, one gets the arrogance.
Getting no outcome with an effort, one gets the experience.
Getting no outcome without an effort, one gets nothing

This quote encourages us to make an effort anyway regardless of the outcome. It beautifies the concept of making an effort by saying better than nothing. Yes, true. It could be better than nothing. But what is missing here is that there is also the better way of making an effort. One can be indulged by making an effort and obtaining "something." 

Another missing piece is the concept of priority or trade-off. In our life, we should take into account many things. If you focus on one subject or topic, the above would be true. However, if you need to consider the other thing and think of the balance how to distribute your limited time into multiple subjects. In the world of the quote, there is a binary option: making an effort or not. In reality, there are other additional N options. Then one needs to decide what to discard. 

What to choose is what to drop. 


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