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Mar 22, 2019 11:01:47

Embracing Change

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Sara Silva

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I see people moving.

Different directions, other paths, but always moving.

These are nerves of steel, diamond, or even leather because we are bound to change and evolve.

It's a good thing to change, but it is scary.

It is not called the comfort zone for no reason.

If nothing else, a change drives us so that other mundane things are no more on our mind.

And by making the best possible effort, we are transforming ourselves. 

People that walk along our changing process and stay will also benefit from it. But they can hurt from it. 

Usually, that would mean that they were not in the process for you, rather for themselves which says that then you are better off.

It is OK to look out for yourself (not to be confused with self-indulgence, here's a piece that might help).

I also have to keep telling myself the same. That NO distributed book which hacks life was shared all those years ago and I was the only one that didn't get a copy 😅

You can only learn life by living, which in itself is a reason to embrace change, it's a level up for some achievement that you will get.

And that is grand, don't you think? 

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