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Jul 12, 2019 11:30:03

Emergencies, Evacuations, and Tech

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So, the family and i are currently on the road evacuating New Orleans. There's a storm/hurricane coming. And it is expected to be bad. Wednesday we had flooding in our neighborhood, about 2.5 feet of water. Good thing our house is elevated a bit so we didn't have any damage. But that was just a (relatively) light rain day. The way our 'hood is setup -- as well as the terrible city infrastructure and inept planning of the government -- things could become awash within a couple of hours. No power, locked in. Unsafe.

This got me to thinking about the floods in Texas last year and the almost yearly flooding in New Orleans: there should be an emergency site or app for New Orleans residents for more reliable information, something real-time so we're in the loop. Crowd-sourced information.

Heck, even useful for prospective newcomers to the city -- understanding better and realistically what they could be in for. I wish we had someone tell us about these things upon transplanting here almost seven years ago.

Might jot down some notes. I had a thought a couple years ago the first time experiencing the flash flooding and learning about catch basins, how they're crucial to water being drained throughout city. Seems a majority of them were clogged, having not been cleaned in months, possibly years. I ended up looking up public city data. They were about six months old, but could be useful.

I think i'll go back to that data, see what it looks like, and how i could extract it for something useful regarding the catch basins. Yeah, this could be public service. I recall the flooding in Houston, there was an app quickly developed for emergency crowd-sourced help in Texas. I gotta look it up again.

All right. I'll come back here and let you know what i end up doing with the data.

Cheers and peace.

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    @macariojames - stay dry.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 12, 2019 13:28:10
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