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Feb 04, 2019 19:39:22

Emotional promiscuity (14/333)

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Why do people reproach each other? Today I was in a hospital and saw a couple with a child. They were in queue with me. A woman came first, took a queue and waited for her husband and child. After they came, she started to blame him when their girl played with other children. She said: β€œYou are late again. You are late even now.” Her voice was acrid. It’s the first what she said to him. While the woman was speaking he was watching on the ceiling. The man didn’t answer her.

This situation makes me think that his lateness becomes a problem and she reproached him, because they have not solving big problem in their relationships.

To be honest, I really don’t know why people blame each other in romantic relationships. Because, how can you rebuke a person who you love?

Recently, I got to know about emotional promiscuity. It’s when you can’t restrain your emotions. We are often emotional promiscuous with close persons, because we feel that we can do with them what we can’t do with others. We feel that we can’t shout at the person from job, but we can shout at the person who we love.

Bad things are remembered better than good. One insulting word would kick from the memory all pleasant words. We should be calm and intelligent even when we are very angry (if you want to have long relationships with the person).

Emotional promiscuity is a thing that we need to get rid of.

So, we should be more tolerant, solve problems and do not be afraid to talk about them and just love each others.

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