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Feb 14, 2019 22:29:40


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Maybe its some bad period of time, but today I'm empty too, haha. All day just stress at work, stress with the relationship. Just not really exciting topic came to my mind. Maybe its still because of the sickness but this week I am super unproductive. 

10.26 Probably the latest post so far. I mean could be even worse but it is getting serious. I am not in the mood. Words just not coming.  It is funny how easy was to write 200 words in the beginning and how hard it's getting now. 100 more words to write. Just in the middle of today's post. Oh my god hope nobody is gonna read this one cuz this is pure desperation haha. 

The worst is if I am using this safety post, for now, I cannot use it in the future. 38 days with 200Wad and I am struggling. Need to find the power from the beginning of my journey.

 Somebody wrote that already finished all the topics he would like to write about (after 60 more days streak). So what he should do now. But I have never had any topics in the beginning maybe that's why I am getting stuck now. OK, 200 words done. No more crying haha, See you tomorrow

Stay with me. Efran.

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