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Apr 07, 2019 17:26:00

Endless game ends

by @monolesan | 231 words | 🐣 | 174πŸ’Œ

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Dorotti is staring on her pink toy Alpaca. Alpaca is staring her eyes on Dorotti too. They are playing a staring contest. Who will win? This question is tormenting Dorotti, but not Alpaca. Alpaca doesn't think anything, she is just looking on Dorotti.

Dorotti turns around to blink β€” she doesn't want to lose the game. She looks at the pink toy carefully catching every her blinking. When will she blink? This question torments Dorotti more than the first. 

Alpaca's black eyes mirror the girl. Dorotti regards her reflection and it makes her sad because it gives to understand that pink Alpaca doesn't blink.

What to do? How to make Alpaca blink? Dorotti turns around to blink again. What if Alpaca blinks when Dorotti turns around? Dorotti decides to reveal the pink toy's secret. She asks her to tell truth, but Alpaca is keeping silent. She asks again and again β€” Alpaca is still keeping silent.

Dorotti claps her hands to make the pink toy blink. The toy doesn't blink, her black eyes are still staring on Dorotti. Dorotti's eyes are filling with tears, she can't not to blink. She turns around to blink again. Then she claps again β€” nothing happens. She doesn't want to lose and decides to trick Alpaca. She reminds that silent means agreement. And the girl asks did Alpaca blink or didn't. Pink little Alpaca loses the staring contest.

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