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Dec 02, 2018 16:56:30

Enslavement: How does it work today?

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Brian Ball

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I awoke upset. Upset because I had been taken advantage of in my dream by a guy who casually shared with me his online-money-making tactics. It was conversational, I made the mistake of assuming it was just conversation. I didn't know how my mind would get entrapped. I would unwind it later.

Then, still in the dream, we were playing a game together and he was able to manipulate and steal my in-game character that I, again, still in the dream, thought was quite valuable, maybe worth $1,000 or so based on my time or actual dollar investment. Again, all in the dream.

That was hard to describe, but in my waking state, here's what I was trying to remember. First, I was having a normal conversation with a guy. He told me how he trolled forums to get people to check out a website. On that website, they paid money for something. That something was likely something they didn't actually need, but because of what they read in the forum, they bought it. My mistake, in hindsight, was not asking myself: "Why is he telling me this?" and "Why would he reveal something like this about himself for no reason?" Because whether there was a reason or not, hard to prove, there was a result.

Somehow, our conversation caused me to mistakenly and unthinkingly ( key terms here ) trust him. That misplaced trust cost me a valuable character.

What really happened is a matter of interpretation. I felt upset because I felt duped. It would be far too expensive to prove in a court of law. However, it might be a pattern he discovered to manipulate people into doing a thing that benefitted himself.

Coca-cola "notices" that mass marketing accompanied by a sugary / caffeinated elixir easily manipulates the minds of those unaware. Starbucks, potato-chip companies and heroine dealers. They all seek to control the flow of your cash. The cash flows out of your pocket and into theirs. How? They simply enslave your mind. They notice and repeat chemical and behavioral patterns that don't harm you -- maybe even make you feel great, but have you do things you could do without. Things enslavements basically facilitate the transfer of cash. It's a common incentive. It's an agreed upon exchange. It's all quite subtle and often completely legal.

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    @brianball and we understand that the tech industry is not exempt from this when we read books like Hooked ?

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 03, 2018 08:22:06
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