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Sep 02, 2019 15:14:15

Every important decision has been made under a grey sky 

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Every important decision in my life has been made under a grey sky and against cool, windy air. 

So maybe that's why I romanticize the Celtic coastline. Because I've never been, but I picture instant access to that feeling of formidable days. If I lived in the UK, then any weekend I could head to the coast to walk beside the heather and have that feeling again. The feeling that I was about to make a decision that would change my life.

Interestingly no decision I consider important has fallen under the common decisions one considers keystone: which school to attend, what to major in, what type of car to buy, what city to live in, etc.

Chances are that I'm a black sheep. But if you're reading this, chances are, you too. If you are like me then there's no reason reading further. Cause you already know. You'll already know that contrary to how we act, contrary to how much hair is pulled out over decisions pertaining to what house we buy or what school to enroll in, those things don't really end up mattering much. But I had to become much older to be able to recognize this.

Time. I think that's what everyone needs before they can realize this. A lot of time, a lot of distance from being in 'it'. Either that or you need to be very. very. smart. Which I'm not. But I do have time. Finally.

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