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Mar 31, 2019 22:42:08

Everyday's first impression

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I joined in Focuesmate a week ago though I subscribed a month before. It's amazing that it has changed me the way beyond expectation.  Each time I book a session I know that I would meet someone strange and work along together at around 9:00 at night when I was tired after one day's work and hard to stay alive to finish the tasks left today. So booking a session and be excited to say hi to one who has the same aim as you is the best way to survive from distraction.

Having solved the problem of productivity, the next question is how to keep energetic since the camera is on. I have no particular preference and happy to work with strangers each time, in other words, I would prepare for my first impression to others for each session. It matters a lot to me.

Studying at school where the people you meet have no changes for years is quite common for me. You have no need to make up and dress nicely to make new friends and most of the students stay the casual look for comfort. No expectations, no excitements, also, no pressure, no motivation.

Now I have to dress up to look not a mess for my focusemate, it's nice to keep neat and fit in mind.

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