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Jun 08, 2019 21:59:04

Everything is getting better

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If only three or four times a year you could be with your lovers and three or four days each, how would you feel like?

Now, let me answer this question as a girlfriend in her the fifth year relationship of three-year south-north separation so far.

My answer is: balance, a balance between single and couple, insistence and compromise.

I am a girl, a student, an emotional negative  person.

He is a boy, a programmer, a mature positive person.

In most the ways, we are opposite, for example, he always begins with "I like ...", but I used to say " I don't like ...".

What matters is that we share the view on being a couple doesn't mean you can't be independent, and you can't abuse the romantic relationship to ask for the other sacrifice anything. Most importantly, we should train ourselves to be a good listener to have high-quality communications instead of daily face-to-face meetings. The saving time is used on self-improvement as an individual responsible for each other. 

It's hard at first, not until two years later, which means some problems have been repeatedly occurring, have we truly enjoyed ourselves.  The result is that everything is getting better and better.

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