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May 06, 2019 23:08:36

Expertise Conflict

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This post does not has a suggestion, rather asking your suggestion. 

In the past project I worked on, I had some issues regarding exertise conflict. We worked with a external subcontractor, which brought the similar expertise to the project team. We worked on similar tasks and provided the similar deliverables to the end-customer in common. 

In this situation, in a way we were placed in the competitive environment. Either of us are incentivised to deliver better results to the end customer and obtain the credit about the deliverables. We discussed, brought the ideas, and implemented them. 

Anyone also has similar situation? How does it work? I feel like this is not the right situation.

If I were the end customer and need to use the multiple vendoers, I would coordinate the vendors by expertise. Each team brings one or more expertise. But it is not mixed. In this situation, each of the vendors can fully exert their expertise without any hesitation or fear of being abused.

If there is a mixture of experts across different companies, some of them started not to show 100% of their potential since they know their results might be taken by the other or they need to take a protective motion, which is a waste of time and thoughts. Maybe this is called "politics" in general.

I do not know what is called. I assume there are some books about this. It is not a special thing, I believe. 


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    @hiro welcome to the #TeamStreak , yup it sounds weird to bring the same expertise contractor on board, I have similar experience before but mostly doesn't really end well.

    Knight avatar Knight | May 08, 2019 06:56:19
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      @knight Thank you! I am surprised that not a few people exeprienced a similar situation.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 07, 2019 23:33:31
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    @hiro thanks for describing your problem so clearly, not until finish reading your words did I relaize that I have the same question with you. Though I am a student, I think it's similar for a group of students and teachers in the same major. Hope you could figure out the solution.
    Btw, congratulations!!!!

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | May 08, 2019 00:45:21
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      @5plus6 Yes, I think it can happen anywhere. Thanks. Let's keep it up :)

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 07, 2019 23:32:33
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    @hiro - smart for the client -- not good for you. If you need to get some design work done - divide the work up into small chunks. Hire 5 designers to do the first chunk - eliminate 2. Then, let the other 3 work on the second chunk. Then, you'll know who's design + style you enjoy working with.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 07, 2019 09:35:00
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      @brianball right, I also think we need a clear definition of seperate task.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 07, 2019 22:35:49
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    @hiro I believe it is important to determine the ground rules for how two subject matter experts will interact at the outset. The end goal should simply be customer satisfaction with the implementation, regardless of who/how it is accomplished.

    Also, welcome to the 30 day club...#WEARETEAMSTREAK

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | May 07, 2019 11:02:06
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      @Rawhead Yes, I agree with customer focus and without a kind of trust and ground rule, it would not work.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 07, 2019 22:34:45
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    @hiro Ladies and Gentlemen of #Teamstreak....we have a NEW TEAM MEMBER!!!! You have written such thoughtful posts on a variety of topics. It is clear you have a lot of knowledge to share with us. You also keep an open mind and ask questions as well like today's post. I am an IT consultant, and I should be able to give you my take on this situation. I will bookmark this post and think about it so I can give you a thoughtful response. Welcome to the team!! We are #Teamstreak!!!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 07, 2019 07:29:27
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      @hiro @brandonwilson Welcome to #TeamStreak Hiro, Congratulations!!!!

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | May 07, 2019 15:42:31
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      @hiro @brandonwilson @seunoyebode - Welcome to #TeamStreak Hiro.

      Keni avatar Keni | May 07, 2019 11:06:29
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      @hiro @brandonwilson Welcome to #TeamStreak, Hiro! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experiences with the rest of the community.

      Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | May 07, 2019 18:31:38
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      @brandonwilson @haideralmosawi @keni @ seunoyebode thank you! Wow, this is such a warm welcome... I was surprised .. in a good way :) A bit hard to track which is who's comment haha

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 07, 2019 22:33:41
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      @brandonwilson Yey!
      Omg... @hiro we started on the very same day... and you lost, if I see well, just 3 single days on the way... So is it about the Streak or not so much?

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 08, 2019 19:20:43
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      @brandonwilson @lucjah oh, did we haha. I did not notice. Yep, I am a loser but repeatedly revive resiliently :) Ah, I meant to say since I did not receive such a lot of feedback, I was confused who commented what, especially when I tried to reply. I missed twice and happened to break one streak by my mistake when I playing with API.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 09, 2019 00:12:57
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