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Apr 25, 2019 11:50:38

Falling in love with Audio

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Sandeep Kalidindi

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I consume a lot of content everyday. Mostly in the form of articles and books. If you add up, I am staring at the screen reading something (outside of work) for at least couple of hours a day. If someone followed me throughout the day they would see me reading immediately after waking up, reading during my commute, reading during my work breaks and reading again before sleep. 

Until recently I didn't realise the kind of harm I was causing myself with such excessive reading. First there is quite a bit of strain to my eyes. Worse still while I was reading I was zoned out of my surroundings. Getting frustrated when somebody tries to talk to me (they see it as talking while I see it as interrupting) etc. 

What changed this was me waking up one fine day and buying a pair of AirPods. I wanted to listen to music without all the fuss of tangled wires. They successfully upgraded my music listening experience. Unexpectedly they also set me on a path to get off my excessive reading habit. 

It started with me listening to podcasts. I soon realised podcasts are more effortless and also a better alternative to reading articles.  Slowly I stopped visiting the sites I used to visit and started downloading my fav podcasts (subscribed to 21 podcasts now). 

Listening to podcasts was not without its problems but with tech like 1.7X speed and remove pauses, skipping 30 secs forward etc I can blaze through a 30 min podcast in about 15mins. There is also something about listening to a voice in your ear that is more tangible and less effortless. 

Then one fine day I stumbled on to audible and signed up for a 3 month trail. I was not sure if I would like listening to a book instead of reading, but then it's a 3 month trial with 3 free books. what could go wrong ? 

To my pleasant surprise I finished off the audio book in 2 days while I gave up on the kindle version midway couple of months back. Better still, I felt a kind of connection while listening that I found tough to find while reading. It was as if the author himself was sitting in front of me and telling his story. It's been 3 weeks since and I have completed 3 books adding up to 26hrs of listening. I didn't touch the kindle even once in these 3 weeks.  

Now while listening, unlike before while I was reading, I don't strain my eyes much anymore. My eyes look around and enjoy the surroundings. I slip into sleep quickly. I finish off books faster. 

My love affair with audio has started and I thank AirPods, audible, podcasts et al for that. Thanks to all these technologies now I consume more content in a better way. 

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    @sandeepkalidindi The AirPods are Apple's best reviewed product of all time according to an Apple Store employee. They make it very convenient for audio consumption.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 25, 2019 07:25:16
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