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Jan 17, 2019 15:27:36

Farewell Dinner

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Gene Lim

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My resignation of notice ends on New Year. I left my job for another and it has been about two weeks now since the day I left from my previous company. Today I was asked for a farewell dinner from my ex colleagues.

My previous company has this tradition where whenever someone leaves the company, there will be a farewell dinner before leaving. So since I am leaving, there was going to be one but because of the timing that I am leaving is exactly on New Year and December is the month where many will take all their work leaves for holiday or just to clear it. Therefore many people are not available.

Today is the day that they set my farewell dinner. I am so happy that it happened because after not seeing my ex colleagues for more than two weeks and meeting them again today feels like I have not left the company at all. They treated me for my dinner and also after dinner we had another round of meet up for dessert just around the corner.

The night was great, talking about how work was without me, having back some memories and most especially getting back our laughters.

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