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Jan 23, 2019 01:32:07

Features I Would Like to See on Instagram

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Abhinaya Konduru

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Sharing certain things on public platforms make me really uncomfortable but that's also part of social media. However, I would love to see these features on Instagram and it would make me use the app more:

1. Lists

One of the features that I use a lot on Twitter is lists. I love going to my lists and seeing what people are up to in that particular category to either get updates or get inspired. I would like to see a feature like that on Instagram. For example, besides my friends, I follow people who paint, cook, sing, act, design, and random celebrities. My feed ends up being a mess.

Sometimes, I just wanna see all the art accounts that I follow and what they created.

2. Sub Accounts or Categories

I have a ton of interests that I want to post about but I don't want to clutter my friends feed with too many posts. If it's a topic dedicated Instagram, I don't want to post about what's going on behind the scenes or who I am meeting with. This way you can let the followers choose which category posts to show up on their feed. 

If I had this options this is how my categories would look like:

  • Everything
    • Friends
    • Art 
    • Cooking
    • Interesting street photos

If its a painter's Instagram, this is how I envision subcategories:

  • Everything
    • Final pieces
    • Work in progress
    • Random pictures in the studio
    • I am a human too pictures

If I just want to see final pieces by this painter, I could just select that category to show up on my feed instead of all the others. 

I have also seen people make multiple Instagram accounts for aesthetics reasons (including me) and keep things separate. As a creator, I have to manage multiple accounts. As a fan, I now have to follow multiple accounts. 

I think having subcategories for an account solves that problem by letting the fan choose on what can show up on their feed and a creator can separate their work and interests. 

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