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Feb 16, 2019 23:16:41

Fever to the Form #10

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Tim Subiaco

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We hung round a bit after Nick Mulvey's set. We sort of just stayed where we were, the crowd came in like a wave and it receded back into the dark recesses of the metal heart and all the arteries that connected it. 

We stood for a while watching the tide go back. The sun had begun to set, its light dissected by the network of pipes, breaking into multitude of smaller beams that caught the dust kicked up by the crowd in midair and crisscrossed the ground like searching spotlights. 

For once in a very long time, I felt at ease. I could breathe.

We didn't need to say anything. Standing side by side in each other's company, watching the light turn a dark red made me realise that beauty had not disappeared from my life completely. 

She said she was going to watch a show with her parents but suggested that we should meet for the closing act. I didn't disagree. 

She smiled and turned around. She walked through the open area where just a moment ago were a thousand people. She flitted in and out of my vision as she stepped through the searching and slowly dimming beams of light.  

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