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May 31, 2019 18:33:00


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Slow slow Friday. Days you just don't wanna work (i never wanna work hehe, someone should really kick my ass before every work day haha) .. I decide to go boxing today, a little exercise before the lazy weekend. Now I regret a lot but hope after the lesson I am gonna get some dopamine shock. I have been already twice this week so I don't really need to go, but yeah why not. I am gonna chill a  lot on the weekend:).

Still,  I wanna work a little on my IdeasKeeper doc, I need to improve it and on Sunday make some video .. fortunately, I already have some ideas. The Doc is gonna be simpler and easier to fill. 

I am also happy that my two previous posts here started some conversation. I was losing hope that no one reading what I write hehe. (You don't read to this one I am just filling the streaking space)

I don't feel pressure to write now I just know I will be super lazy later. 

Ok, let's get beaten a little before the weekend. Hope will survive today's box. 

Take care and happy weekend. 

I really really really need the weekend.


Stay with me. Efran.

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