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Jan 11, 2019 06:39:12

Fight Every day

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Martin tissier

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S1 Self esteem: 4/5 / 4pm :1/5

S2 Self esteem:  / 4pm :

S3 Self esteem:  / 4pm :

S4 Self esteem:  / 4pm :

There are battles everyday. At the moment my 2 battles are :

- manage to leave the office at 4 pm for Oscar

- have more self esteem and have my back straight

I have to see that these battles are my aims everyday.. (that's write I am writing this post).

At the moment I would give me a 4/5 on self esteem (I forget about the back end the slow breath) and a 0/5 at leave the office and balance my life... 

Fight fight fight.. I will update this post with my rating everyday. 

And I will try to define new targets every months. 

I am confident I just need to develop discipline to be able to focus on this every day.. 

My next target may be don't scratch my nose, and keep your engagement (leave the office at 4:30 is one of them).

How to do when you have finished your post but words are missing.. Well you do that..  You write to fill in the blanks hoping the countdown will display 0 words. At this point we have 25 words remaining. I keep the s at words since all the develloper have this issue. How to deal with the change of the letter.. Yeah 204 words! 

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    @martintissier Keep fighting, but pick your fights well and remember that not every battle needs to be won to win the war.

    Janne Koponen avatar Janne Koponen | Jan 11, 2019 06:48:55
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