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Feb 14, 2019 20:16:53

Filler words

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Ok, here we go. Already gotten started so the biggest step has been taken. Moving steadily forward, just putting words after words. The first paragraph is already almost full.

While it might seem like it's quite easy to just write nonsense it actually isn't. Well, of course, if it is really just random words then maybe. But trying to still keep up with somewhat coherent sentences isn't much easier than writing something that is somewhat sensible.

I'm sure this differs from writer to writer and the must be those that can just start spitting out words and keep going indefinitely. Without paying much of a thought on what's coming out. Even though I think I have become pretty good at feeding my train of thought directly into written words I still struggle to keep it up any longer than these few moments when I get my daily writing done. 

And even then, if I don't have the carrying thought to get me through it I often find myself in the middle of the sentence wondering where should I head next. Sometimes I might even get lost and end up writing about something completely different from the thought I started with.

But it's all just a journey. When you take the first step you can't always know where will that lead you into. You just need to carry on along the road and enjoy the ride.

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