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Dec 21, 2018 16:07:37


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I m really excited about this and feel like wanna celebrate this, one of the client's project finally move into beta testing stage and going to launch next week after idle for nearly a year.

Last year, When I just started a company with my partner, one of the ex-colleague offer a project to me, build an e-commerce website for their company with some good budget. It is one of the first big project for the company, it's considered a good margin project for a 2-person company.

So we spend 2 months on it, using some fancy stuff, API based e-commerce solution with a Vue front end bla bla bla, then the whole project suddenly pause, when we check with the client, the reply is always the Boss is flying, no time check on it and it's been drag for nearly one year.

After split out with my partner recently, suddenly this company awake and come back looking for me and mention that need to go live suddenly. But my partner who did the Vue part has left, the API e-commerce solution doesn't seem reliable, so I spend the 2 weeks effort and rebuild the whole thing using Woocommerce. 

After my demo to the client last week, the client is happy with it, and finalize the launch date, suddenly a project that I thought going to missing in action, suddenly in beta testing and ready for launch next week.

I still remember while my wife working on my company account book, always ask me is this project become a bad debt? Finally, now I can tell her, I going to bill them next week.

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