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May 11, 2019 09:42:18

First Day o' Summer - Act 5

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Jeff Riddall

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The massive drone hovered maybe 20 or 30 feet above them. It was at least the size of four eighteen wheelers. Bobby counted ten arms or tentacles extending out and down from its sides. Each tentacle was lined in small flashing white, red, green and blue lights with some kind of pincers on the end, which were constantly opening then snapping shut. There was some sort of yellow glowing circle in the middle of its underbelly. The contraption let off a low hum like the whirring of a microwave oven. The tentacles floated up and down towards the pods below as if deciding which one to select. 

"What is that thing?" Sam shouted at anyone who might have an answer. 

"Looks like a giant robot spider." Kyle offered back.

Bobby twisted and glared at Kyle, no longer appreciating his merry disposition. "Thanks genius." He looked down and tried again to wrestle his feet and legs loose, but they were firmly entrenched in the ooze.

Bobby quivered as the octodrone drew closer and extended one of its feelers in his direction. The snip snipping grew louder as the pincers ominously approached. Fear urged him to close his eyes, while his awe forced them wide open. The roboarm poked through Bobby's gelatinous cell wall. The pincers opened wide and were larger than he realized from a distance. 

Bobby tried to bob like a boxer evading a right cross, but he had very little mobility. He heard Sam shriek as the beastly fingers enveloped his head. Bobby could feel himself being dragged up and out of his pod.

"Hold on Bobby!" he barely heard Kyle yell. 

He had no choice, but to hold on and hope who or whatever controlled his mechanical escort was friendly. The yellow light in the center of the drone shifted to a bright blue and began to open like a set of jaws. This is where Bobby and he could sense now several other selected pod occupants were headed. He thought about hollering "I'm OK," but he didn't believe it so he didn't bother. His captors arm extended up and into the blue light. Bobby glanced through the mechanical fingers gripping his head and saw what he thought were his hosts. They were not at all what he expected. 

To be continued...

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    @Rawhead - I'd quiver too if an octodrone drew closer and extended one of its feelers in my direction.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 11, 2019 06:46:09
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      @brianball Damn tootin' ya would...

      Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | May 12, 2019 00:08:28
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