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May 08, 2019 13:40:57

First of many...

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Amir R

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First is my first of many ideas trapped in my Trello waiting for daylight:

"Hair Braiding Class for Parents"

I am a father. I have a 3-year-old daughter. I cut her hair only once when she's 2 months old. Now that her hair is considerably long, any parents would want to tie their child's hair stylishly. Sadly, I only know how to do a ponytail. My wife as well.

Watching tutorials on YouTube is an option, but not a good one. My daughter is very active and she would not have the patience to wait for me tieing her hair while watching the hair braiding tutorial at the same time. A hair braiding class should have mannequins (or perhaps only the head) with different hair lengths for hair braiding simulation. Simulation is a very good way to learn things. Even pilots do simulation training. Why wouldn't hair braiding too?

A class will also encourage parents to learn and practice. I can watch the tutorials on YouTube all day, but I will still only do a ponytail. A teacher showing the step by step in front of you is great, moreover, you can see it from any angle. You can also explore those hair braiding skills that require more expertise as well.

Not bad huh?

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    @amirr I know how you feel! When I was little, my parents keep my hair less than 10 cm for convenience, so I looked like a fat boy in old photos. Only when I went to college did I have long hair but I only could do a ponytail, too!
    Though my sister has the remarkable talent to make hundreds of hairstyles, she failed to teach me hand by hand. Every time she would grab her hair and move very slowly to let me watch carefully from any angle, then I'll repeat what she does with my hair. Even though I think it's a magic that I would never understand, haha

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | May 08, 2019 13:57:01
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      @5plus6 Hey man thanks for sharing! I have never had long hair in my life, so I have never mastered the arts of hair braiding. I guess for boys it will always be a ponytail or dreadlock but it is very different for girls.

      Great that your sister is a hair magician - you could ask her to be a teacher at your hair braiding classes! xD

      Amir R avatar Amir R | May 09, 2019 08:16:36
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