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Feb 08, 2019 09:16:00

Flare: Chapter 10

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Daniel George

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With his two forearms stretched out and fists bolted together over the jagged window which had mostly shattered in its frame, Jack rocked his body back and forth. More bits of glass fell to the floor inside and outside of the car as the chassis wobbled. The door finally coming free was almost half-submerged in the dirt by this point. 

Jack placed both his hands on Parka's shoulders, angling himself in the doorway facing his lifeless upside down body. "HEY...HEY...C'mon, Wakeup!" Jack said distressingly as he begun to shake Parka's body. The shaking went from gentle nudging to furious see-sawing. The constraint of the seatbelt was not felt on Parka even if it was currently serving as a straitjacket. 

Noticing that caterpillar of blood falling from Parka's face again, Jack reached over to undo the seatbelt muttering desperately under his breath in an unconscious manner. His incorrigible mutterings were directed at Parka, the mincing of words, a consequence of the sinking feeling running into his diaphragm. The shock of the crash had begun to wear away and now he was processing the full predicament. As the seatbelt buckle clicked, Parka fell through Jack's arms, reducing to a ball on the car's interior roof. 

Jack grabbed under Parka's arms and began to drag his body. Parka's head fell to one side as Jack carefully coaxed his body trying to avoid stray pieces of metal clinging to the side of the car in abstract fashion. Little mountains of sand began to pile up around Parka's hips as Jack pulled his body to the front of the car. Resting now in front of the headlights, which were still illuminating the otherwise empty black landscape, Jack pulled up a small rock and raised Parka's head with it. Jack tried to wake him up a few more times before walking back to get inside the car.

His body half consumed by the car, with his legs balancing, Jack searched around the center console. He pulled out his phone, smashed but still usable. He tried dialing emergency services but there was no reception. He couldn't tell if it was for the phone was damaged or the remote geographical location they found themselves in. It didn't really matter as Jack's hopelessness had set in.

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