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Feb 11, 2019 16:44:50

Flare: Chapter 11

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Daniel George

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As the road-zigged , some dormant lights had appeared through the trees. "We must be getting close," Cara interrupted the silence that had been going on for quite some time now. "Close to what? You don't know where you are going," snapped Stephanie. The road bent back into a straight line and the headlights illuminated a green sign. The sign pointed with a large white, almost silvery arrow, 'CITY CENTER.' 

"What are we doing?" Stephanie continued. The town was small, almost a one road town. It was still dark and the empty streets were almost sanitized completely if not for the  casual howling breeze that interrupted them. "We should stop here tonight, tomorrow everything will make sense." Cara replied. "Finally...the first normal thing you have said all night," Stephanie barked back slightly incensed. 

As they came to the end of the town's road, a set of large dark trees loomed. They swayed tall with an ashy grey and slightly purplish glow. Before they were engulfed at the line of trees, they pulled off at a motel. The sign at the entrance was grand as it was tall but it had lost all of its artifacts. The letters were missing their neon and the sign only retained the foundation lights. One once white but now amber rounded rectangle flattened by a blue horizontal diamond and red semi-circle floated over the town. It was by far the tallest structure in the town. 

The girls hopped out of the car and went to the reception desk. "Hello, Good Evening, How may i help you tonight?" the clerk perked up for the girls. "Hi, we'd like to get a room for the night," Cara asserted. "Ok, shouldn't be a problem, we have a few available," the clerk ran through some of the options from the motel casually but confidently. "We'll just take the cheapest option," Cara interjected. 

The clerk paused momentarily. He was somewhat befuddled, what two young girls were doing booking a room at this time of night. He didn't fully realize their age until he had inspected their faces more, looking up from the desk. "Are you traveling somewhere?" the clerk inquired. "We are going to..." Cara responded before Stephanie interfered. "We are staying here, just need a night to get on our feet," Stephanie said interrupting Cara. "Ahh, we've all been there before, let me know if you need help with anything around the town or the area, i'm pretty knowledgable," the clerk re-assured the girls. "Ok then, Breakfast is at 8am and checkout by noon, you can pay up before you leave, i just need to take a copy of a credit card or ID for security reasons," the clerk re-affirmed in a tone that distinguished he'd said those words verbatim too many times before. The girls looked at each other for a moment, Stephanie biting her bottom lip. "Do we even have a credit card?" Stephanie whispered distressingly under her breath. Cara turned away from Stephanie, ignoring her she gave the clerk her ID.

The clerk looked over Stephanie details closely. "There's an issue here, we're not allowed to have minors stay on the premises without an adult," the clerk said awkwardly. Stephanie snatched her ID from the clerks' hands and marched out to the car. Cara stood there somewhat stunned, followed after a few moments. As she exited, Cara yelled, "what will we do now? Your great plan is going really well!" The sarcasm was too omnipresent for Stephanie to feel like giving input. 

They both hopped back in the car and Stephanie turned the engine on and went back to the main road. She had regressed to auto-pilot mode again and the girls kept driving around the town, searching for a place to stay.

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