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Feb 14, 2019 12:21:21

Flare: Chapter 13

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Daniel George

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Marching back in forth in front Parka's still body, Jack fretted nervously. His gait mirrored that of a high-level business exec. Hand over his chin and slightly hunched over, he would pause every few moments to try and revive Parka. His footsteps begun to a create a trench in the sand.

Jack bent over Parka's body, cradling his upper body in one arm, took his free hand and started scrounging in his pockets. Nothing there. Jack was looking for a phone, maybe on the off-chance Parka's had reception. He rested Parka's head back on the rock pillow. Standing up, he turned away from the lifeless body for a moment, looking into the black inky mass that had aligned in the horizon. 

He paused there momentarily, contemplating to run for help. Jack was always seized by doubt. This was not the exact moment to be seized but it was too grave of a situation to make a wrong decision. He turned back to the Parka and the car.

Staring at the frontal perspective of the car, Jack scanned the smashed lines that protruded from the chassis. Starting at the front axel he scanned down the nose of the car, one headlight smashed but still pulsing light. It wasn't as if he could see much, as this light also blinded his vision mostly. His obscured visual journey took him across the windscreen, where a massive split had positioned itself, from what could have been a giant cutting knife. It should have been more smashed or crushed. There were splinters and small formations from impacts but the windscreen was remarkably intact. As his eyes strafed to the other side he caught the dangling side mirror. The door was bent open from where he had gathered Parka from before, the nose on this side was particularly compacted. As his head made the full circle he crossed back to staring at Parka. 

As hopelessness had fully set in, he begun to panic, frozen and tearing. He started yelling senselessly. Rushing to Parka to pick him up every few moments. Trying to revive him. Jack begun to wander around the car. The emotions had altered his stoic gait into drifting junky mode. He reached the tray of the ute which was partly propping the ute up. He fell to the floor in a pushup position and slid himself in to the overturned tray. The gap barely allowed his corseted frame through but he managed and partially turned his body toward the back.

That was true darkness underneath there. Grabbing in the inky space aimlessly, he felt an itchy wool, a blanket that Parka had used to help cover objects in the tray. A  restraining strap fell from the blanket and onto the ground. Jack lifted both hands in fists as his torso curved upward. As his knuckles begun to hit the bottom of the tray, he panned his hands out felt the metal tray. His hands made a pattering as he came to corner, rolling slightly to his side, he found a crevice. Fishing around he grabbed out a paddle and placed it next to himself. His hands now fully consumed and his wrists contorted over the lip of the crevice you could hear the search taps reverberate in this overturned hull of the ute. As plunging and howling percussive transients rang in his ears, he grabbed out a long tube. It was too dark to understand what it was, so he threw it out from the underneath of the car.

Dusting himself off, Jack reached down and picked up the tube. he walked to the front of the car, where he inspected it in the headlights. Immediately realizing it was a device for sending emergency flares from a boat, he shot it into the sky in front of Parka.

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    wooow... just popped into your post(s)
    and got drawn into the story! Really intriguing!
    But, isn't it really lonely, to write your thing without interacting with others?
    I'd go crazy, but thats me :-)
    And... isn't it hard to have so little feedback (as i suppose an effect of not interacting...)?
    Cheers :-)))

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 14, 2019 14:45:00
    • 1

      @lucjah It is important to interact with others on the platform, if you need to have your work commented on, that is integral. I don't really require this right now. The platform is great for keeping me motivated and finishing a story that I started over 3 years ago, if people want to join in and comment, Great! I'm all ears but I do not seek it.

      Daniel George avatar Daniel George | Feb 15, 2019 11:55:15
    • 1

      @danielgeorge I understand! And i really admire your attitude.
      I'm all so much about interacting, getting to know others, finding inspirations, different point of view (I'm a Gemini :-))) but, I'm afraid, I'm also about fishing for a praise...
      So nice to meet a soul so different and strange, yet walking the same 200WaD path :-)

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 15, 2019 12:07:01
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