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Feb 15, 2019 15:06:29

Flare: Chapter 14

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Daniel George

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They rolled slowly down the main road, craning their necks to search for a place to stay. Each streetlight barreled into the car with a slow pulse. It only took a few minutes until they reached the end of the town and a road from whence they first came from. "Let's try a back street," Cara suggested, feeling optimistic. Stephanie infuriated, preferred to not respond at this point.

Turning off the main street and peeling back to a parallel street, they found themselves on street which only had minimal streetlight. It was a leafy backstreet, somehow picturesque. A row of identical Victorian houses, sat across from each other. All one story with small backyard and wooden fences separating them. There was no requirements for lines on the road. No need for separation. If you weren't careful you could drift over in to one of those storm water drains, that could channel floods easily. 

"Look there is a light up there...I think it's a vacancy sign," Cara pointed out. "Yeah, sure," Stephanie bluntly put back. When they got to the light, it was clearly not a vacancy sign, it wasn't clear at all why it was on, but Cara seemed confident that it was a place to stay. 

The girls parked and hopped out of the car. Opening the screen at the front, Cara knocked on the brown enameled door. The sound of metal scraping could be heard followed by a click. A slightly unshaven skinny man, in a dark blue singlet tucked into jeans opened the door. "Can I help you?" the man with greased up hair responded.

"We are looking for a place to stay," Cara assertively stated. 

"This is not really the kind of place...you want to stay," the man responded trying to shield the girls.

"Look we have cash and just need a place to crash for the night, please"

The man looked into the girls eyes, he could sense something was amiss, "Ok, but I must warn you..." he paused and looked back, "I conduct a lot of business here and it usually goes on all times of the night, if staying in a brothel doesn't phase you, then by all means, be my guest." The man opened the door and paved a welcoming arm open into the hallway. It was dark with the odd light and flicker of blue and white stabbing into the hallway.

The girls looked at each other. Stephanie bit her bottom lip, not knowing what to do next, despite her anger and desperation sitting deep inside of her. Cara almost shrugged which suggested caving.

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