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Feb 18, 2019 14:33:10

Flare: Chapter 15

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Daniel George

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The men drove towards the beam in the sky. As it shifted off to the side the men followed its trajectory with the car. It was long until they parked up on the embankment where the boys flew over before. Stepping out of the car, they looked down onto the plain. They saw an overturned car with a boy nursing another boy in the headlights.

"Are you alright?" Red yelled out as they preceded to quickly step down the hill. Gaining acceleration as they reached the bottom. Chunks of clay and small rocks tumbled the hill, as it flattened out the men regained their balance and jogged over to see the wreckage and Jack holding Parka and crying and moaning. "Oh my goodness, what happened?" Dave exclaimed. For the moment, the girls had left their minds. This trauma was a diversion felt necessary to escape from their responsibilities.

Jack looked up at the men, standing above him in a semi-circle, through tears and a guttural welp he shouted, "we had an accident...a car coming the other way swerved and threw us off the road." "What colour was it?" Red enquired trying to investigate the accident. "What?...What the fuck are you talking about?" Jack responded through more tears, "Please, you have to help us, have you got a phone, please call an ambulance!" Jack pleaded with the men. Realizing the insensitivity of his question, Red reached down and grabbed his phone from his pocket and started dialing. "What...ahh shit there is no reception!" Red yelled out angrily. "Please, you have to take us to a hospital then...I don't know...Please!" Jack continued to plead. Slowly he rose to his feet, taking the weight from underneath Parka's arms.

The two men stood there looking at each other, trying to figure out what to do next. They weren't in emergency mode like Jack.

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