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Feb 20, 2019 13:20:56

Flare: Chapter 16

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Daniel George

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Jack started dragging Parka's body from underneath his armpits towards the embankment. His body was hunched over to the fullest extent. His torso crunched and folded by the weight of Parka, pulling him to the ground. Parkas heels trailed in the dirt digging trenches in the path he had been dragged from. 

Meanwhile, Dave and Red slowly turned to face Parka. They did not move, only pivot. Shocked and astounded by the predicament they found themselves, they were frozen. Red looked to Dave again, looking for some consolation or guidance. It was unclear to Parka why they were frozen. Were they astounded by the spectacle of the incident or were they just reluctant to help?

Dropping Parka for a moment, Jack shouted, "what the fuck are you doing standing there!?!...please help me carry him, we need to get to a hospital now!" The two men finally felt the adrenaline flowing through them and casually jogged over. Red grabbed his legs and Dave looked over Parka's body and face, surveying. Walking and carrying Parka together, Red began to enquire further, "so what were you guys doing before?" The question was innocent enough but the timing was futile. Furiously, Jack tried to shut him up again, "look, we were out driving, coming home from a party, then we had an accident, now we are here." The embankment carried its steep incline in the trodden out footsteps where the men came down before. Dave grabbed the underside of Parka and the weight distributed evenly between them. 

Jack couldn't quite fathom the men's bewilderment, he didn't quite understand why they were so shocked. Maybe it was the wreckage or the consistent bubbles of blood flowing gradually from Parka's hair. Finally they reached the top of the embankment, where Jack jumped in the back seat and the men handed Parka two him through the door. Jack's force of  gratitude showed, "thankyou." The men were again astounded. As if each small action was setting off bombs in their brains that have monumental effects. As the men hopped in the front of the car and shut the doors, Jack blurted out, "Do you know where to go?"

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