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Feb 27, 2019 11:53:24

Flare: Chapter 17

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Daniel George

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The girls hesitantly stepped through the doorway. Under the man's arm they crept and into the hall. Immediately, a room on the left was noticed, a singular stark warm light inside. "That's my room, keep moving to the end, there's a door on the right, i would suggest locking it," the man stated bluntly. Cara turned to the man as he stood in his doorway. "Thank you for your generosity," she said shyly trying to hand him a twenty dollar bill. "No no....please I can't take that," the man responded. Cara took the chance and shoved the $20 bill back in her pocket.

As the girls shuffled down the hallway they walked past all the rooms that were used for occupational sex. Some of them empty, others with a single flicker of a television illuminating a corner. Walking past one room with this light, the girls glanced briefly to see a woman, mid 40s, lounging on a mattress on the floor. Her eyes encapsulated by the beam from the television. The mattress was pushed to the corner of the room and didn't have any sheets. She wore fishnets and a light black belts but didn't even look up to acknowledge the girls as they passed. The faint sound of studio audience laughter emitted from her TV. The girls entered their room at the end of the hallway. 

The room was a box identical to the one they had just watched the woman in. Cara stood in the room and threw here bag to the floor. "Well, this is us for tonight," lamented Stephanie. Cara wanted there to be a discussion but realized it isn't the right time. Stephanie tumbled on to the bed and Cara took her clothes off and laid next to her. A thin blanket rolled at the end of the bed was used for warmth. For one moment there was clarity, a re-assurance that everything will be ok, just in that place, where they were warm and together alone.

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