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Feb 02, 2019 17:14:57

Flare: Chapter 5

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Daniel George

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Roaming the highway, the car pulled closer and closer to the ground as Cara plunged the accelerator. There was no traffic, not at this time of night. Their only friends were trees, bushes and the odd possum sitting high up in a tree. Stephanie wasn't feeling so confident about this escapade. They had no plan. Where are they going? Sure they didn't want to stay but where did they want to go? Cara was more carefree, she was happy to escape. It is still freedom, even if you don't have direction. "We don't have money," posited Stephanie. The two sat in silence for some time before Cara responded, "We'll be fine, I've got enough for now." 

Stephanie didn't know what that meant but she felt it wasn't the right time to start a debate. As much as she didn't like the way things had already unfolded early on in their runaway, she'd much prefer that rather than being a prisoner. Stephanie turned and laid on her shoulder looking out the passenger window. Approaching a one-way bridge, Stephanie followed the rail with her eyes as it ascended slowly from the ground. Rumbling over the cattle grill, vibrations shot up through the car concluding in Stephanie's teeth as she rested her face against the window. When Stephanie's teeth crunched against the window, Cara looked over in concern. "Look at the road!" Stephanie shunted from her sore mouth. As they exited the bridge, the car floated across the double lines. Cara whipped the wheel back into a turn. Her elbows drifted through the car as she coaxed the wheel. Her face now conquered by a devilish smile. Stephanie rocked her head into her seatbelt involuntarily. The car fishtailed, overcompensating and sending them onto the wrong side of the road. Cara had managed to regain control of the car but was immediately blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car.

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