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Feb 06, 2019 14:42:08

Flare: Chapter 8

by @danielgeorge | 292 words | 🐣 | 15💌

Daniel George

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The girls processed what had just happened in silence. Still going ahead, undeterred, still driving. Stephanie loosened her seatbelt and turned towards the back window whilst yelling, "what the fuck! pull over! we have to pull over and help them!" Stephanie witnessed the car overturned and smoke bellowing out but it was quickly shrinking in her perception. Cara had frozen, still driving but in a kind of auto-pilot mode. "Pull-over, they just crashed, didn't you fucking see that?" Stephanie yelled again pawing at Cara's shoulder. Tears began to rush from Stephanie and she opened her mouth to cry, "we killed them, they're fucking dead, we have to call an ambulance!" Cara still in a state of shock, kept driving, leaving Stephanie to weep and moan a bit. "We can't pull over, then what?..We'll get arrested and probably end up in prison or worse yet, back living with our dads," Stephanie said as finally spoke up in an almost neutral tone. 

Stephanie realized that Cara had gone into authoritarian mode. "We are fleeing the scene, right now! We will get arrested for that!" Stephanie responded. "How do you propose that will happen?" Cara threatens emptily, "Yes, we did just commit a crime and yes maybe we were negligible in that moment but we don't need to get caught." Stephanie a little intimidated but mostly shocked looks to her phone and yells in a tone that all but confirms this is now a fight, "i'm calling an ambulance!"

"You do that and I will leave you here on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere," Cara emptily threatens again. Her threats were not believable to Stephanie, yet she also didn't want to ruin the possibility of their escape. 

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