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Mar 07, 2019 22:17:43

Flash sales on Woocommerce

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I did for one of my clients last year, doing a flash sales using static site landing page plus Woocommerce. Last year I just use Netlify + Paperform + WooCommerce to handle 88 sales order within one min. This year my challenge will be 400 boxes and hopefully, it will be clear within 15 minutes.

So why I didn't build the whole thing on Woocommerce? I don't really think a PHP based Woocommerce can handle the DDOS effect during the flash sales, it might with some super setup, but with a limited budget, I think to separate the sales page and the payment part is the right way to do it.

I build a static page and host it on Netlify, this helps me to handle the huge traffic when the Flash Sale started, I use the Paperform to create a submission form for users, it allows me to queue the users and limit to the number of entries. Let's say if I setup only allows for 400 entries, Paperform will help me handle that and it allows me to set up when the form should start to accept submissions.

Once the form has completed, a webhook submit over to my payment site that builds with Woocommerce, will create an order with all the details. The user will be redirected to this payment site to make the payment.

This is how I handle the 88 sales orders within a minute last year and let's see how much time I need to handle 400 sales orders this year.

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