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May 29, 2019 17:17:26

Flying and Driving, Accomm & Work

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Today's been pretty exhausting but really exciting at the same time. We got up around 5am, caught an Uber to Denver, flew to Las Vegas and then drove to Zion National Park. Along the way we got stuck in some epic traffic jams that seemed to be about nothing ... One minute you're crawling along with hundreds of cars in front. Next minute they're gone and you're flying down the highway. Then again ... Stop. Start. Stop. Start.

Anyway, our trusty Nissan Rogue got us to Zion without any troubles and we're ready for some adventure! Buuut, I've also gotta check in with my clients and get some work done!

Finding a good balance between work and play has taken a while to get right. In the beginning I simply just wanted to crash at a hostel and go out partying or if it was  a climbing trip then I'd want a cheap shack right by the mountains.

These days things are different because my wife and I both need to work and travel. That means high speed internet is a must. In order to get that we usually have to stay somewhere a bit nicer and more ... reliable. Usually it's a hotel. I'm not necessarily against hotels, but I do find they lack "character". It's harder to meet intrepid travellers and hang out in a common area. Most hotel lobbies are stale and uncomfortable.

I would like to see more "digital nomad" friendly hostel-like places to stay. Yeah I know AirBnB exists, b ut I still enjoy going down to a common area to meet other  travellers.

On this trip we will be staying at a co-working / co-living place in San Diego, from a company called Outsite. They offer a unique  "living" experience for digital nomads to stay in a large house and share the common areas. There are work stations and places to chill, as well as a fully stocked kitchen, bikes, surfboards, and other activities 😀. I'm really looking forward to staying there and will definitely write about my experience!

Anyway, now that we're settled in, I'm off to hang out, do some work, and ready my book!

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