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Sep 19, 2019 22:15:24

Following a Market-First Approach

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This week I listened to an interview with Justin Jackson (long time Indie Hacker and founder at transistor.fm).

In the interview he shared many things that reaonated. But there was one in particular that really landed for me.

Justin described how he had himself gone through mutliple startups where he felt like he had a great product/founder fit, but the market was not "there" or there was no "momentum"  built into the market to  really get the business off the ground.

This, he explains, is whats commonly referred to as the slow ramp of SaaS death; which is a term often used to describe the revenue growth chart that is experienced by most SaaS businesses:  slowly growing, but never really finding the traction needed for the business to be sustainable. In short, it's what happens when you fail to find product/market fit.

But I digress, Justin mentions that the difference from getting to build a SaaS where he finally has found alignment between founder + product + market + channels of diateibution has been like night and day.  Now with transistor instead of him building a product and trying to pull the market toward it, the market is marching in troves to his door and wanting to sign up for his product.

He advices founders that are barely starting their journey to consider first exploring in finding a market that aligns with their passions and interests and then building products for those markets where there is alignment and momentum.

As I mentioned earlier, this really landed for me because I feel like I might be in this situation where I have the right product for the right market, but there is no alignment of between the founder (myself) and the market.

This has gotten me to reflect about my current siatuation and consider that maybe focusing on finding a alignment with a market that feels right for me could be a more sustainable way to carry on my journey.

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