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Jan 31, 2019 22:24:26


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Arielle Marleau

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You don't see that they are everywhere? Like a secret recipe, the foreplays are the little touch of salt that can make each kind of food better. I'll give you some examples as a little remember. 

- For sexual relation: I hope you already know this... If not , please try to explore all the teritory before moving in, if I can cut this short. 

- Small talk: in all your conversation in life it's just nice to start slowly and feel confortable to let it flow after. It's like testing stairs before climbing it, you want the assurance that it's not going to fall ! 

- Making friends: A guy in the hostel just share a fruit with us and I just feel this is a really nice way to start speaking. He just gave you something... So you simply just anwser back in your way.

- Asking the name of someone... Pretty basic. 

-Sport: you warm up before running.

- Food: cooking is one of the best foreplay I think. But you have also waiting to eat and hearing a big description of a nice plate. 

So this is just a little wink about foreplays. I have this impression sometimes that we forget to integrate it in our lifes. Especially now that speed is the new thematic of this century. 

Take the time to enjoy :) 

Good night! 

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