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Oct 21, 2019 22:42:19

Four bloggers, one theme

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The only habit breathing for me is watching movie reviews on my four subscribed accounts every day.
I may not eat, not get up from bed, not call my bf, but I'll never miss even one updating page.
99% of the reviews are about the movies I haven't seen before and I won't see either after finish the reviews.

Usually, the four updates the same topics in the same week at different times because they share the same film market.
So I'll read A said positive about the movie X on Monday before releasing, then B criticized it on Wednesday after watching. After two days, C 'll write some pieces of the stories audiences haven't been clear about. At last, D 'll make a short video for detailed conclusions and scores.
A, B, C, and D here is not always the same account. Actually, they take turns to be the fool making mistakes and that's why I subscribe four bloggers for one theme.

I swear that there is no one time the four bloggers have reached an agreement. They like my four friends who have never met each other but challenge me to think differently.

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