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Dec 24, 2018 13:40:32

Freedom from platforms - No this is not about digital detox - Part 1

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Enough has been written about digital detox and our need for moderating screentime. I want to talk about reliance on social media platforms for our growth. 

A small story. My wife started a company to train dentists and upskill themselves. She reached out to a marketing consultant and after some discussions, they decided to have a Facebook page and run some campaigns, to spread the word out. The initial weeks of the campaign went on really well. The Facebook page had many likes and subscribers. People were asking about the courses and it was awesome. 

Suddenly, a company from the U.S, mailed to my wife, saying the company's brand name is somewhat similar to my wife's Facebook page name. My wife's company was Medsparks and the US company's name was Med Spark. We realised, they are a big company and it's futile to fight. So she changed the name of the company to Lumio Academy. All branding and marketing collaterals were updated and the campaigns resumed in full swing. She conducted many workshops, courses and the brand was popular among the dentists in Chennai, India. All of this was done only through ads on the Facebook platform.

I was skeptical about this social media based selling but I was surprised at the way the customers were growing and engaging with her.

But something huge happened that made me tell, "I told you so". 

(..... to be continued)

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