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Apr 06, 2019 17:46:25

Freelancing causes anxiety about money?

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Julia Saxena

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I came across this article today about why freelancing creates anxiety about money. 

It talks about that it is more and more common to value money over time, especially when you are a freelancer and charging per hour. 

Whenever you take time "off", to walk the dog, go to the gym, go on vacation, or simply take a shower, you are painfully aware of the opportunity cost. All this time could have been spent working and earning more money. You start feeling guilty for spending time on yourself, your family, or your friends. 

As a result, the article argues, you are likely to be less happy and constantly stressed out about your finances. 

It's so sad to read this and to know that many people feel this way. 

Luckily, I actually don't feel this way and I want to keep it like that. Otherwise, being a freelancer would be worth than being employed. 

I am consciously taking time out of my day for things other than work. I go to the gym every day, plus take a long walk. I watch one or two episodes of our favorite series with my husband. And, I go on holidays. 

In one week, I'll be in the Phillippines. A trip I'm super excited about! And I don't feel bad at all for not working and not earning money during this time. 

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